CAFÉ JOSE sources coffee from the Tarrazu and other growing regions in Costa Rica.  We are closely partnered with a major cooperative and growing organization that works with 9 cooperatives and 5000 small coffee plantations.  We can provide all grades, from commercial to Strict Hard Beans (SHB) that rival the quality and flavor of Jamaican Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Sidamo, or Guatemalan Antigua varietals.

We can deliver individual pallets from our distribution center in the Boston area, or entire containers of a single or multiple selections of green coffee beans that you desire.  If needed, we can also provide roasting with our local partners.

Following is a sampling of green coffee grades we can offer:

1. RESERVE TARRAZU SHB 4300 ft , Score 86

2. SPECIAL TARRAZU SHB 5000 ft , Score 84

3. MONTE VERDE 4000 ft , Score 80

4. GUANACASTE de ORO 3500 ft , Score 80

5. MOUNTAIN 3600 ft , lower quality but good

6. COOPESARAPIQUI 3300 ft , Good Coffee


We also represent several MICRO LOTS with HIGH SCAA SCORE that are great sources for high-end, artisanal coffee roasters.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any need or desire – we look forward to working with you!